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Monthly Memberships at P3 Specialized Performance

Little Dribblers

Welcome to Little Dribblers, the ultimate basketball program designed specifically for young boys and girls in grades K-3.

Our monthly membership provides access to three weekly training sessions that are tailored to help improve fundamental skills such as ball handling, shooting, defense, and footwork.


We have a team of skilled instructors that are dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential on the court.

By joining Little Dribblers, your child will have the opportunity to build confidence and develop their leadership skills.


Basketball Enterprise's comprehensive training program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child, regardless of their skill level or experience.

Sign up with Little Dribblers today and watch as they grow and improve with each session!

Rising Stars

Rising Stars is our Intermediate Basketball Program for boys and girls in 4th-6th grade.


Our program offers a comprehensive monthly membership that includes three weekly training sessions, each designed to focus on skill development and leadership.


We will focus on development and growth by focusing on essential skills like shooting, footwork, ball handling, and defense, as well as building their overall IQ for the game.

We will teach each player the importance of hard work and how to overcome challenges, while also instilling in them the basic fundamentals of the game.


With a focus on skill development and leadership, your child will be challenged to give their best and continue to improve every week.


Join us today and give your child the chance to develop their basketball skills while learning valuable life lessons that will stay with them forever.

Enterprise Elite

Enterprise Elite is designed for 7-12th grade boys and girls who are serious about basketball.

Our Elite Basketball Program is where you will come to refine your skills and compete with the best.


With a heavy focus on skill development, game-like situations, and basketball IQ, our program is designed to challenge and push each and every athlete. 

We expect every player to bring their best effort and energy to every session and this program is curated to hold every player accountable. 


 We believe in pushing our athletes to be uncomfortable, challenging them to grow in their leadership, service, and communication skills.

Our goal is to get each player ready to play at the next level and empower them to achieve their dreams.


Join our program and be prepared to work hard and see the results of your dedication pay off.


 Don't miss this opportunity to become the best player you can be - sign up for our Elite Basketball Program today!

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